Established in 1948, Oregon Glove Company has been crafting some of the highest grade leather work gloves in America. We proudly offer this iconic glove pattern in Oregon Deer, Elk and Goat skin.
In addition, we distribute the widest selection of gloves this side of the Mississippi. No matter what the application, we guarantee our customers we will have hand protection that will get the job done.


A tribute to the storied craftsmanship of our Master Glove Maker & owner, Dean Catherman.



Dean Catherman, Owner

April 13, 2015

Dean Catherman, owner of Oregon Glove, has been leading the company for decades. Dean still produces our line of premium Made in Oregon gloves as well. These are hand crafted in our capitol city show room, with original equipment. See here for a recent news story on this traditional glove making process.     Our website is intended to be an extension of our business as an online selection of our most popular gloves. If you prefer to call your order, you can still reach us by phone at (503)363-6031.    

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